Librem 14 Speaker Upgrade?

I love supporting a privacy-respecting company like Purism, and I finally made the leap and purchased my first Purism laptop last month with the Librem 14. But, to be honest, the speakers aren’t just bad, they are as bad as you would expect on a laptop from 2005, and they are actually worse than most phones on the market. I understand the idea of making trade-offs. Where else can you get kill switches for internal hardware, for example? But for a $2000 laptop, the speakers situation is hugely disappointing.

I’ve tried out the better sound profile/EQ discussed here on the forum, and it does improve it a bit.

I guess my question is, are there any better solutions?

And to Purism, can we get the option of a speaker upgrade? They seem to be very easy to disconnect and remove, so people could upgrade at home.


I thought the same thing. I wonder if it is an issue of speakers with open source drivers?

For what it’s worth, y’all should read the following post. Customizing the Pulse Effects (now EasyEffects) profile can really, really improve the performance of the Librem14 speakers.