Librem 14 sudden crash when unplugged

I recently received my L14 and I am a big fan of the hardware.

Firstly, I encountered the same issue explained here:

My battery would get to 60-70% and then stop charging. I followed the instructions in this post and now the battery charges fully. I still don’t understand where the 60-70% number arises from the defaults of “start charging” when below 0% and “stop charging” when above 90%, but at least this issue is resolved.

The new issue is that when unplugged the laptop will suddenly crash with no warning or shutdown sequence. Initially this was happening at 20% battery, but today it has happened at 30% and 55%. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Does anyone have any ideas of a potential fix?

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When you say crashed do you mean an error message appeared or the laptop suddenly died/turned off?

Do you have the laptop under load, or what were you doing at the time?

Thanks for replying.

I mean that the laptop suddenly died and turned off. No warning.

The laptop was not under load. In each case I have had only a browser and VPN running. The browser was not doing anything excessive.

Interesting. I have that behavior on the Librem 5 when it is warm, here is an issue about it:

To test if it is related to temperature in your case, you could let the L14 cool off for a while and then see if you can still reproduce the problem quickly while it is still cool, or if it only comes back when it got warm. It would be great if it turned out to be the same root cause, then both could be fixed in one go.

I don’t know but I would like to learn what could cause a computer to suddenly turn off like that, if there is some part of the kernel source code that it involved. Can the kernel do something that causes a sudden power-off, or does that indicate a hardware problem outside of the kernel’s control?

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Thanks for the link and suggestion. I will try experimenting, and if it crashes again I will note if there is an excess of temperature.

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having experienced this issue myself, and seeing some talk of it on Purism’s matrix channels, I believe this is a known issue. The way I understand it, is the laptop, doing some sort of load, requests/requires more power than the battery is set to provide, and the Intel CPU completely shuts off the laptop. This is possibly related to the open source EC that the LIbrem14 is running, and I am hoping they are able to update it and fix this problem soon. Maybe @MrChromebox or @nicole.faerber can correct my inaccuracies and provide us with an update! :slight_smile:


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I have not yet had time to see if the issue is heat related, but if the issue is a known problem with the power and EC then I’ll be interested to know more.

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Update: I experienced another crash at 40% battery. There was no excessive heat, but the fans were whirring very loudly considering the laptop was not under heavy load. In fact, at the time I was only browsing this forum.

Which Matrix channels should I be lurking in to read these conversations?

I have the exact same issue, also mentioned it in my post here: [L14 Battery] Constant discharge + Charge in Qubes

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In general if the kernel decides the box is too hot because of a temperature sensor reading, it will log something useful to /var/log/syslog (or wherever PureOS puts the main log, haven’t received my L14 yet so don’t know) before shutting down. Or it should anyway. You might check that file to see if there’s anything correlated with the time of crash.

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can you tell me your firmware version?

sudo dmidecode | grep -m 1 Version:

Version: PureBoot-Release-17.1

Thanks for the advice. I will check this log immediately after rebooting the next time this happens.

Incidentally, I’ve found the fans have calmed down a lot since I ended the tracker-extract search indexing process. However, this was only shown as using 8% of the CPU so the issue will probably return.

Can you also tell me the version of the EC firmware that you have:

Open a terminal in the same directory where you downloaded the files. Or move the files to the home folder and just open a terminal. And extract the files from the zipped folders you downloaded:

  • Run the terminal command: gzip -d purism_ectool.gz

Make the update tool purism_ectool executable:

  • Run the command: sudo chmod +x purism_ectool

sudo ./purism_ectool info

It should read: YYYY-MM-DD_commit-hash


version: 2021-06-04_ef9fd3c

It would seem it is an older version than the example you gave. Here is my output:

version: 2021-05-25_3b5ef1e

On the Librem 5 it looks like there is no /var/log/syslog file. I just posted a separate question about that:

I’ve had the inverse of this happen twice now - plugging in the USB-C charger to the USB-C right side port without the charger being plugged in to the wall resulted in an immediate crash. Running Pureboot 18 and EC version 2021-05-25_3b5ef1e.

Do you know how to get rid of this annoying stuff? I have the same problem, too.

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