Librem 14 switch to pureboot from coreboot

I need to install Pureboot but ordered the Seabios + Coreboot option by mistake as I was in a rush.

Can I run the coreboot Utility and Updater Script to flash a prebuilt pureboot rom from dom0 in Qubes, or am I going to have to install another distro just to do this?

I have used an SPI flasher to install heads on another laptop in the past, but that was a long time ago.
I am aware that pureboot is basically just heads, could I just install heads instead of pureboot and what are the differences, if any besides the name?

I have a librem key already.

Any help given is much appreciated.

I think (I don’t have a librem laptop) you can boot into a live environment of PureOS and flash it from there.

Thanks for your reply,

Can anyone confirm this?


I’ve read it but that does not cover my question, but thanks from telling me to just RTFM, perhaps if you had read my question however, I might have an answer.

I also read somewhere that Qubes’ dom0 version of flashrom is too old to do this but then I also read a comment somewhere on the forum (which I can’t find now) where someone had said they had done just that.

That’s why I wanted to confirm…

Sorry, I missed that you wanted to do it on Qubes. Perhaps this might be relevant then:

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Thanks, that was what I was looking for