Librem 14v1: black screen after suspend

I have the Librem14v1 for 5 weeks now. It used to do suspend perfectly. But after 3 weeks of use there’s a problem.

After a period of inactivity or after I do “systemctl suspend”, it goes into suspend as usual, whith the power led blinking. But when I press the power button to wake it up, it turns off completely. When I power it back up, the screen is blank for around 1 minute, the keyboard is backlit. After that it began to boot as normal.

I turend off suspend as a workaround, but after few more weeks of use, it went into suspend and now the black screen no longer goes away.

Is there anything I can do to fix my laptop? I had some files that were not backed up there as well, around a days worth of work.

Is there a way to boot from a Live USB while running with a black screen? Or to re-validate the boot with the Librem key?

Yes, live boot. However if you haven’t prepared the USB flash drive in advance for that then you will probably need another computer to do that on.

I have a PureOS Live USB that came with the laptop. Which series of keys can I press to Live Boot? I don’t see the screen, but with the correct key sequence it might work?

Esc ?

However it might depend on whether you are using Coreboot or Pureboot.

Alternatively, if you think it is booting OK but just not displaying anything then you might see whether you can ssh in to the laptop after it has booted, assuming that you enabled the SSH server. Even for starters, just see whether you can ping the laptop.

And if you think it might be a problem starting the GUI environment then Ctrl+Alt+Fn (for low n) might get you a login terminal.

Also, for a 5 week old laptop, you might try

It’s a Pureboot, the one that’s configured to use Librem keys.

I tried plugging in a LiveUSB, rebooting, and pressing Esc. Nothing happens, there may be another menu on the screen that selects usb boot.

I can’t ssh into it, since the disk is fully encrypted, I’d have to unlock the disk first.

But I think this is solely a BIOS issue, because 2 weeks ago once it presented me with a semi-graphical “Please insert your Librem key” screen, everything went fine from there.