[Librem 14v1] Internal Wi-Fi Not Detected if HKS Enabled When Powering On

When I power on the Librem 14 from a completely off state with the Wi-Fi disabled via the HKS, PureOS cannot find the Wi-Fi adapter, even when enabling the Wi-Fi via the HKS. Restarting the laptop (choosing “Restart…” in the power options) with the Wi-Fi enabled (HSK not on) doesn’t remedy this; powering off completely and then powering on the computer with the Wi-Fi on does allow PureOS and the BIOS to recognize the device and connect to networks. If I power on the computer with the Wi-Fi module powered on, I can switch the Wi-Fi on and off at-will while the computer is running without issue.

For now, the workaround is to power off the laptop, toggle the HKS to allow the Wi-Fi module to receive power, then power on the computer. I’m not sure if can be resolved with a firmware update but I find it odd that I can toggle the Wi-Fi HKS any time I want only if I powered my Librem 14 with the Wi-Fi enabled initially.

Initial state when powering on Wi-Fi device recognized? Restart helps?
Wi-Fi HKS on No, no matter how many times I toggle HKS No
Wi-Fi HKS off Yes, I can toggle as many times I want N/A - Wi-Fi already works

To fix it may need upgrade the coreboot to: coreboot 4.15-Purism-3

I’m currently using PureBoot release 20, which should have the same essential code as Coreboot 4.15-Purism-3 I believe.

I am going to check to see if there are any updates to the EC and flash it if there are any.

Seems that PureBoot 20 do not have the fix. You can wait for PureBoot 21

Librem-EC v1.6 is newer e.c version. I guess this version of e.c may extra protecting the L14 of over charging failures, some peoples claim that when leave the L14 charging over night the L14 is dead in the morning.

I’ve changed to coreboot 4.15-Purism-3 and it appears to work as I would expect, even after powering on the computer with the HKS enabled.

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Also be careful with the EC v1.6 it not working good and very slow charging. I downgrade to EC v1.5.
@nicole.faerber ?