Librem 14v1: keyboard stops working. Fixable by reboot

A problem has recently developed on 1 year old laptop: sometimes the keyboard stops working altogether - none of the keys work, even the sysrq shortcuts. The mouse continues to work and the desktop is still responsive. On reboot this issue is fixed, until it re-occurs a day later. How can I debug this issue? I’m using Xorg by the way, I don’t know if it’s Xorg or a hardware issue.

Some troubleshooting:

  • Up to date EC?
  • Can you reproduce this with a Live Boot PureOS?

Other than flashing the EC to the newest version, sometimes the keyboard functions stop working after the operating system is suspended. For example, this happens on Qubes 4.1 for me. I simply turn off or restart the laptop.

My keyboard is functioning perfectly otherwise.

Are you on PureOS?

What i could say is that Librem 14 ship a very cheaper keyboard, it is a shame because purism claim that theys are longevity but that is not true like shipping very very cheaper keyboard, in fact Librem 14 may better if shipped with libre firmware keyboard and mechanical just to justify the high price people pay and for the good-reputation-of-purism-electronics.