Librem 15/13 v5 features and requests


I’m a proud new owner of a 15v4, Qubes+LibremKey. Wanna give my 2 cents.

Topics like 16:9 vs 16:10; 180 deg hinge, touchscreen, mousepad location, etc etc, … These are cosmetic, personal preference, and ultimately, superfluous. Purism is on limited resources, and must focus on things universally needed, most bang for buck, and low hanging fruit.

From what I can tell those things are:

  • Quad core, 8 thread processor. Half of us run Qubes after all!
  • USB-C charging. Future direction of all laptops. Universal/interchangeable
  • Battery Management

Nice to haves that are within reason:

  • Center trackpoint. Would attract many people predisposed to wanting a Purism
  • Bevel on the arrow keys
  • LED lights for CAPS and NumLock
  • Heads pre-installed, instructions up to date
  • Shipping interdiction countermeasures options on order screen (extra cost).
    • GPG encrypted email containing HOTP secret key
    • Ship Librem Key first, then laptop
    • Box sealed with special glitter paint pattern, pics sent over encrypted email

Side notes:

  • Please keep the matte screen finish!! Awesome screen, perhaps the best finish aspect of this laptop.
  • Be prepared in 12-18 months for a large influx of nouveau riche cryptonauts who have the money to spend on more secure computing devices.