Librem 15 (and 5) Shipping Estimates?


In the online store, there’s initially a line that reads “Expected to ship within approximately 10 business days”, but this is followed a few lines later with “Available on backorder - restocking soon”.

Is it safe to assume that the backorder has been disrupted by covid19, and may take some considerable time? Is there any update on when this (or indeed the Librem 5 Evergreen) would be likely to ship? The former says “soon” and the last update on the Librem 5 was in February.

Thanks in advance for any info.

See here please:

Note: Librem 13 and Librem 15 will be restocked soon.

But that’s exactly what I said.
That’s the update from February, and there’s no indication of what “soon” means.
Days, weeks, months…?

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In case you missed it by word of mouth, or the Internet, there is kind of a worldwide ongoing pandemic on planet Earth. Things are not functioning as normal, and there is no current projection of when it will end, or when regular activity will resume, globally.

Have patience. The safety of human lives is more important than you getting a new laptop or phone.

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A new laptop is going to make the Stay at Home more bearable :slight_smile:
One of the ops team members did say they plan to start sending out shipments before mid-april. Does that still hold true?


Thanks for the sarcasm @PineappleOranges - Yes, thank you, I’d noticed there was a bit of a bug going around. In fact, I’m involved in the research for treatments and vaccines.
I only asked for a definition of “soon”.
I’m not looking for orders to be rushed, I just asked a question.
One which is still yet to be answered.
If “soon” ends up being Spring 2021, so be it - I’d just like to know.
Knowledge is power, my friend!


It’s too early to talk about knowledge. Rather about astrology.

I totally agree. Even if there was the black plague, I would like to have information even if they told me that everything is blocked, that the new hardware has not arrived and that they do not know when the phones will be shipped.
honestly I would also like to have information on moving the processor to the other side of the board and heating problems.

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Like @PineappleOranges said, anything can go wrong at the moment. But I can let you know our expectation about when we will have devices ready to ship, in various units of time:

Days: ~15
Weeks: ~2
Months: ~0.4



you forgot years, decades, centuries and so on … :slight_smile:

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@mladen - Any update on the shipping schedule for the laptops? I am waiting for mine.

@Amol yes, we started shipping already, so my prediction about ~15 days was pretty much correct. We are doing oldest back-orders first, I dare to predict that we will reach order-shipping parity within 2 weeks. :slight_smile: We are sending emails to customers who back-ordered, so you will definitely know when to expect it.


Just to add: Librem 5 shipping schedule is still not changed (mid August).

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@mladen Thanks for sharing that update. of course I probably won’t be ordering a new v4 15" Librem Laptop until closer to the end of this year or early next year. It is just good to know you guys are getting back on track.

Sorry, you’re referring to Evergreen when you indicate mid-August, right? Why Dogwood is listed as being shipped from the end of April
I take this opportunity to ask if there is news on the Librem 5 for overheating and processor shift problems.


@antpanlinux I do not have the details, but I think all the issues discovered in previous builds were solved. The Dogwood date is still actual, perhaps few days late.

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Thanks, it’s very kind of you. Hopefully it’s just a few days and congratulations for the work you do.

Can you share what orders dates are you shipping out right now for the librem 13?