Librem 15 Backlight

I recently got a librem 15 and me being me it takes some time for me to set it up to my liking.
Today I tried to set up screen brightness control (I use archlinux) and noticed that the screen backlight seems to dim only on the left side of the screen and not the right side! This issue is so odd, it may be a hardware issue. Currently I’m hoping it may just be a loose connector or thelike, thus me asking here where the connector stuff for backlight control is located, in the hope to being able to fix it easily myself, saving both time and hassle of going through guarantee.
Thanks in advanced,

Try r-connecting the screen cable, see here:

If this does not help, contact support with reference to this thread.

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Thank you for your quick reply!
Unfortunately the screen connector seems to be glued into its socket:

Hm, that cable also does not seem to be bent/damaged anywhere, does it?

Unfortunately no visible damage :[