Librem 15: DIMM settings for rowhammer solution

I read here that Librem 15 has a feature in the BIOS for rowhammer solution. I am interested in the RH activation probability feature. Anyone know if this feature is available on the new Librem 15 BIOS? Has it coreboot or a standard BIOS? I cannot find this info on the laptop specifications. Thanks everyone!

Iā€™m poking around my Librem 15 v3 right now and not finding anything about it, but it for sure is coreboot with SeaBIOS payload.

coreboot Tables (from coreinfo 0.1):
Vendor: Purism
Part: Librem 15 v3
Version: 4.7-18-g7ac4919b8a-4.7-Purism-4
Built: Tue Mar 20 22:39:32 UTC 2018 (@. )

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