Librem 15 Dock / hub?

Hi all,

Looking for simple USB C (or 3) dock options for my L15. Just something with HDMI, at least two usb ports and preferably ethernet… eg

I saw there is now a Purism dock for the L11 but guessing there’s not as much demand for the laptops.

Anyone got recommendations?


according to this, HDMI over USB-C won’t work so you might not be able to find anything at all:

The Librem 11 (and dock) also got put on hold until the phone is more mature, so there isn’t actually a Purism dock for the L11, since there is no L11.

USB-C port on our current models is only data transfer capable, so no Thunderbolt or DisplayPort based docks will work (other than data transfer probably).

Well that explains why every dock I’ve tried hasn’t worked :slight_smile:

I’ve ended up using a USB-3 hub with Ethernet so I’m down to 3 cables - power, HDMI and one USB.

Still madly in love with this laptop too 🥰