Librem 15 - does key light, or letters?

The image displaying the keyboard on the Librem 15 sales page is difficult for me to know.

QUESTION: Is the “Backlit Keyboard” lighting the key (i.e., light shows up around each key), or do the letters letters light up?


Under Librem 15 Technical specs, 2nd line down, what is a “TPM” that is “Included”?

I don’t own a libtem, but I’ve never seen a backlit keyboard where the letters aren’t lit up. I think its safe to assume that the letters are, in fact, lit up.

From the TPM wikipedia page:

“The primary scope of TPM is to assure the integrity of a platform. In this context, “integrity” means “behave as intended”, and a “platform” is any computer device regardless of its operating system. It is to ensure that the boot process starts from a trusted combination of hardware and software, and continues until the operating system has fully booted and applications are running.”

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I have a Librem 15 v4, there is no light on the keyboard at all.
There is! Just never knew about how to enable it, see below.

Thanks @vmedea. I am looking at the Librem 15 as per my original post, specs and it says “Backlit keyboard - - Yes”.

I have two laptops with lit keyboards. One has the underside of keys lit, not the letters themselves, and the other ltop, has keys lit, not the underside. I also have a Razor keyboard with backlit keyboard letters, not the underside.

The image shown at the link I give appears to light just the underside, not the letters. At $3k after exchange, I want to be certain. Still on the fence though. For me, it’s a lot of money I’d rather not regret having spent.

If your’s is dark, maybe have a look at the link. Maybe your’s needs to be turned on?

Thanks again,

On my Librem 13 v4 it looks like this:

There is light around each key, but the letter on each key also lights up. I guess there is a light behind each key and that shines through the white letters making them bright as well. Anyway, it works fine and looks nice, I think.

@vmedea: are you sure you have no keyboard backlight? It may be off by default, on Librem 13 v4 I can toggle it using <Fn>+<F10>


Did you turn it on with Fn+F10?

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In short: backlit keyboard: yes, enable it with Fn+F10.

TPM: explained here:

I have Librem 15 and yes, there is both a back light and the letters, etc. themselves light up. There is two brightness settings, low and high. Just hold Fn and press F10 once for low and twice for high. A third press turns it off.


No, I had no idea! It even has two brightness levels, this is very neat.

Sorry for the confusion.

You can check what other keyboard shortcuts are in our quick start guide:


Thank you. I’ve sometimes wondered what the icons meant! I think i’ve managed to hit the ‘disable touchpad’ one at least once accidentally.


I just came by to thank for the keyboard shortcut, I believe my backlight must have been off since the purchase in January 2019. Perhaps it would be a good idea to have it turned on per default, once delivered.