Librem 15 Durability


Thoughts on Librem 15’s durability? Thinkpads probably have had the best reputation for durability… And as something we carry, it is a #1 consideration for me. Hopefully some people can reply who have had hands on with the Librem 15. Macbooks used to be pretty durable, but all of the new ones have such quality control issues that that can’t be considered. Thinkpads also aren’t what they used to be.


durable as in military grade ? that’s not the case here. if it’s durability/portability we’re after then a tablet would be the superior choice as it hasn’t a hinge and only has a software keyboard. i think dell had a military grade laptop or was it a tablet ? can’t remember …

or down the line we could have a dockable portable screen for the librem 5. a bigger battery built in (reloadable?anyone?). i believe ASUS had such a gimmick at some point. not sure if it’s still in manufacturing …


Durable as in durable. Not looking for military grade :roll_eyes:

I’m not interested in using my phone as a desktop computer via docks.


It’s Panasonic. And it can survive being ran over by a Hummer H1 :slight_smile:


There are also rugged laptops from Dell, e.g. They come even preinstalled with GNU/Linux. I myself own a Panasonic Toughbook CF-C2, which unfortunately has screen issues with Debian GNU/Linux stable running on it (internal screen usually cannot be re-enabled after having been disabled using xrandr, which is unfortunate if you want to move from your desktop to another room without carrying your external screen with you). That might work better with a more recent Xorg version, but buying a laptop with official GNU/Linux support has some advantages.


Anyone with Librem 15 experience?


The Librem 15 v3 is a modified Clevo/Topstar U953. Modifications that I can see are an unpopulated dedicated GPU and supporting components, unpopulated USB-C DP MUX chip (could also be USB PD chip, not sure) and custom kill switches in the display bezel.
It’s a pretty solid machine, it feels sturdy (sturdier than low end consumer laptops) due to its aluminum skin (it’s just the outer skin on top of an internal plastic frame) and the keyboard feels and works fine. It’s not on the same high end level as Macbooks though, it’s not what it advertises itself to be.


The pamphlet that ships with the 15 says something like “don’t use it as a riot shield and don’t drop it and you should be good”.

I had been worried about scratches, but it seems resistant to that; however, wear I am noticing is curvature of the thin parts near the ports. I suspect this is from resting it on an uneven surface, so a laptop tray (you can get ones with gel or cloth wrist rests built in) may be recommended.


For their next iteration, they should send the prototype to Louis to get some feedback… He’s taken apart so many laptops and seems expert at critiquing designs:


Louis will always find something to mock them for :slight_smile: Love this guys attitude.
For now it would be great if they could submit their own teardown to a place like iFixit:

So that anyone can review the hardware before order / when you need a reference to repair something.
For now it’s a blackbox unless you are a hardware expert, and anything beyond swapping the hard drives
remain undocumented.


Yep the sooner they get some free laptops to various qualified examiners, potentially the more money they could save down the road. It isn’t exactly clear who is a Purism staff on these forums.