Librem 15 external monitor 2560x1920 and other rants

When I first started using the librem 15 I was surprised that my ultra-wide external monitor’s resolution of 2560x1080 was not available both in PurseOS and elementary OS. (Pure OS bombed on day one so I switched to something else) What a bummer!

The display on the librem 15 is weird in general – you can barely read your grub entries because they appear so tiny. I don’t fully understand the benefits of having a very high resolution for a tiny screen but the LoDPI scaling factor in X really helps except some of the application icons appear gigantic in elementary OS.

Anyway, back to my external display! Maybe 2560x1920 it not a supported resolution of the intel HD Graphics 620? I do not know, I searched intel’s site but could could not find the information I was looking for, but I did stumble upon this article that explains how to add a missing / custom display resolution. I followed the instructions (plugging in 2560x1920 rather than the resolution used in the article) and I can now use the full width of my monitor! yay! Hopefully this doesn’t damage the intel GPU in some way.

I know this post seems very critical but I really mean to provide constructive criticism. I want Purism to succeed and I think identifying the bumps in the road is crucial.

I’m both excited and sort of cringing as I wait for my librem 5 to ship.

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In my case the exact commands I ran were:

sudo cvt 2560 1080 60
sudo xrandr --newmode "2560x1080_60.00" 230.00 2560 2720 2992 3424 1080 1083 1093 1120 -hsync +vsync
sudo xrandr -q
sudo xrandr --addmode HDMI-1 2560x1080_60.00

Then the new 2560x1080 resolution was available in the displays screen:

lol well I had it working… I had to rerun the commands after rebooting and now I have a choice between an external monitor with insanely huge font or a built-in display with extremely small font.

Do you have to use a refresh rate of 60 Hz?

That is limiting some of the possible resolutions if using Intel HD Graphics 620.

Just update Coreboot (bios). It fixed my issue with my beautiful 2560x1440 display.


No, I don’t think so.
But the resolution of 2560x1920 is never an option until I add it via xrandr.

Thanks I’ll try that. Hopefully it doesn’t brick my device.

That worked! Thanks again!