Librem 15 Extremely Slow Wifi Speeds

Good Evening/Morning,
i wanted to see if anyone else is having issues with their wifi in their Librem 15s/13s? I have been thinking it was my broadband provider. I have had them out to my home 8 or 9 times to check out my equipment.

My son, who has a Mac, will get 100gb a second, and me, with my Librem 15, will get 4 to 8 gb a second. There is something seriously wrong with my machine. Be it the wireless card or drivers.

I am at my wits end wit the machine. I love my Librem 15, but I need to actually be able to access the internet. Currently, I almost have to be at the server I am accessing to get a signal.

Please, I would love to hear from anyone elses stories about their machines.


I think you could close this topic and continue the conversation over here.
It’s the exact same problem, will be the same fix for all of the devices:

(I changed the title to reflect that it’s not only a Librem13v2 issue)