Librem 15 not working

Hello so I just got the Librem 15 a few hours ago and after booting it up the first time, I went to do a re-boot and upon rebooting, I got the error with LUKS unable to decrypt the disk and an “unkown system error”.
I have attempted to do a Factory reset and follow the prompts, with my Librem Key USB and Librem Vault USB inserted, even after completion I still cannot log into my laptop.
What are the exact steps, including menu choices, etc. that I need to complete.


@Noah did you do everything that’s written in the dokumentation during the first boot?
Otherwise you might need to reinstall PureOS since afaik that results in a nonrecoverable fault if you didn’t set the LUKS password for example.
You might also write to as explained in the thread in this forum.
They might know more about your system and might be able to help you recover it.
I hope you get to enjoy your laptop after this problem is resolved.