Librem 15 RAM Requirements

Hello, I was wondering what the specific type of RAM was that the Librem 15 v3 uses; when asking Purism Support via email, I was told that it uses a “DDR4 SO-DIMM (for laptops). I know that the speed is 2100 MHz.”

Does this mean that any DDR4 SO-DIMM that is 2133MHz (there is no 2100MHz, as far as I can find) and non-ECC will work, or are there more specific requirements?

Crucial, 2133 MHz. Don’t know what do you mean by “specific requirements”.

I mean, are there any incompatible modules that are DDR4, SO-DIMM, 2133MHz, and non-ECC?

He’s asking if he can swap the ram for any old ram he wants to put in it that’s DDR4 and runs at the same clockspeed, I think.

Typically I don’t see why not - I think your restrictions are just that of Skylake, which by what I understand it works with pretty much any DDR3L or DDR4 memory. Just don’t try putting DDR3 or older in it or anything.

You can probably find all the info you’re looking for by just googling the memory compatibility of Skylake.

But I’ll let the team answer that officially. They manufacture their own motherboards and everything after all.

I would only put matching (DDR4 SO-DIMM 2133 MHz) RAM in there (I doubt you could put DDR3/DDR3L), there are no particular restrictions that I know of otherwise.

The thing to keep in mind about RAM: use only good quality branded sticks, not noname crap/fake brands. You really don’t want to cheap out on RAM, because problems related to memory (or power supplies, or batteries) are incredibly time-consuming and confusing to troubleshoot. And if you do buy your RAM aftermarket, you want it from a well-known brick & mortar store (I’ve seen enough counterfeit stuff on eBay and the like…).