Librem 15 Refuses to boot after software update

Cannot boot: system will not accept the correct disk unlocking password. Have been using this computer for a year with that password. This happened after recent reboot to download software updates. Possibly also relevant: had installed Bitwarden several days ago. John

Funny characters in password broken by a keyboard mapping issue?

Otherwise maybe best to contact Purism support officially at

Please ignore this topic. John (jaa84)

Even so, you would be helping other users if you said what the problem was, if you have now solved it.


Too many ‘master’ passwords: I was using wrong one, but too quick to blame PuureOS. Sorry for confusion.
I’m very happy with my Librem 15 and preOS. jaa84


Thanks @jaa84, this can happen to all of us from time to time, I know it’s happened to me. Purism provides a layered security approach which means there are often lots of passwords, for better or worse.