Librem 15 rev2 2k Questions


Is it still possible to get a Librem 15 rev2 with 2k screen instead of the 4k screen? Would there still be a RAM upgrade to offset the lower resolution screen? How much of a RAM bump would be provided? When would these models ship? I would like the Librem 15 with 32GB of RAM and 2k screen.

Hi Ray,

Sorry for such a late reply. We had some reorganization in our team, and we weren’t able to follow our forums very closely.

If you downgrade from a 4K to an HD screen, we will offer you some upgrade options, based on your current configuration. Can you send me your order number? You can send it to

We have started shipping, and we have shipped a few laptops in the past few weeks. We expect to ship them all by the mid-July.