Librem 15: Running Samsung SSD, SeaGate HDD, and Crucial RAM

Hey all!

I am getting ready to order a Librem 15, but I wanted to make sure it’s compatible with these specific items.

Could someone help me confirm?

16 GB RAM - Crucial: (dual-ranked?)
or (not dual-ranked?)
I’m not sure which one’s better, actually.

2 TB SSD - Samsung -

2 TB HDD - Seagate -

(If I understand correctly, you can only fit in one 2.5 inch storage drive at a time. I may be opting for the HDD or the SSD depending on my budget).

Thank you very much!

Has Purism published the part-by-part schematics for the Librem laptops? It’d be really helpful to have an exploded view or list, where you could check to see: “oh, this part has x width, y length, and z height,” or “it only takes this type of connection.”