LIbrem 15 v 4 goes to sleep

Help! My machine goes to sleep every 60 seconds. I authenticated 4 times to get this message out.

Normally this happens when your battery is almost empty and the power source is not connected.
What does upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT show ?

Thanks for your response. I will let the battery run down, check the command, and see if i can recreate the issue. I haven’t had a chance yet this week.

You can also use acpi -i to get the same info, and it is easier to remember.

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Yes. upower was installed here by default on PureOS where acpi is not, installing packages might be problematic if your computer shuts down every few minutes.

i run the upower command and saw nothing out of the ordinary on full charge, let the battery drain, and the situation did not recur. I will try it periodically to see if i can spot a pattern and post if i do. Thanks.

Ohh the problem just went away out of itself? Hopefully that’s it and it was only a one time fluke.