Librem 15 v3 barrery replacement SKU and vendor?

I’ve had my Librem 15 v3 for about a year, and have used it heavily. Over the last two months I’ve experienced a marked degradation in battery life. Can anybody suggest an appropriate SKU and vendor for a replacement battery?



Bump for visibility.

Bump again for visibility. Would like a response from the team, this has to be written down somewhere.

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Bumping yet again for visibility, would appreciate a response, especially given the fact that this page has no contents:

Could somebody on the team take a look at this and ping back please? @mladen @todd-weaver

@ohlogen there is ID (or something similar) on the battery itself, you can use it to find the adequate battery, or simply contact ops(at) to ask about price and to create an order.

While I can’t speak about the vendor, I just noticed that the hardware wiki is now linked under the “Support” section of the main website (following the redesign), and is starting to get populated.

In particular, the Librem 13 page (not 15 yet though) has pictures included for how to remove the battery, which happen to show a product ID:

The Librem 13 battery has a product ID of TU131-TS63-74, which at least turns up several shop results when searching.