Librem 15 v3 Screen disassembling

Has anyone already disassembled the screen of Librem 15 v3? How hard can it be? What kind of glue is used to fix the frame? Maybe it’s a double tape?

I ask this because under dark lighting conditions I see a yellow glow on the screen. There is an assumption that the problem is in the wrong position of the screen inside the frame, because the highlights disappear if you bend the display in a certain way.

From some other threads about completely removing the camera/microphone (or attempting to open the display to check them), I have seen that the display and camera/mic are glued. I do not know what type of glue it is, though, nor what the proper way to go about trying to adjust anything with it would be

I would highly recommend you try contacting support about trying to have them fix this; I would imagine that if you try fixing it yourself and wind up doing damage in the process, it will void the warranty. I contacted their customer support over a rather trivial matter (on Thanksgiving Day, no less), and received a prompt reply.

For some reason, I want to fix this by myself. Maybe in future i install OLED matrix there, if i find good way to disassemble.

Look what i found. It’s looks very similar to Librem 15 screen. How you think, i have chances to reassembly it?

@scaled, did you ever give this a wack? Would you be able to speak about how the display cable is attached to the display?