Librem 15 v3 with a 144Hz Monitor

I can’t seem to set my refresh rate to 144Hz with my new Librem 15 with my external monitor. The specifications said that it’s capable of outputting 4K, so it definitely has the bandwidth for 1080p at 120Hz or 144Hz but it only goes up to 60Hz in the display settings, and trying to force it by using X and xrandr modelines doesn’t seem to work.

Is this a limitation of the graphics chip? Is there any workaround?


Can someone replicate this issue so I know whether or not it’s just me?

Guess this thread is never going to get any love from Purism.

Hi @dbenoy,

You might find the following link helpful

TL;DR there used to be limitations in the past iterations of the HDMI spec. There are no limitations now, but screen manufacturers still often use an HDMI input with the said limitation.