Librem 15 V4 Laptop shutdown unexpectedly while battery is not low

Hello everyone, i got several times laptop shutdown unexpectedly when battery is almost full ( above 90% ). I am using dual boot OS Ubuntu and Windows 10 on the laptop. Sometimes when i am just playing videos, these things not happened but when i do my work using browser ( Chrome in my case ), or playing game using bluestack, it will be happened again and again BUT WILL NOT IF I PLUGGED THE CHARGER, same on both Ubuntu and Windows, any solutions ?

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Sounds like a hardware problem. Probably better to mail support at


You can check the logs from your previous session with these commands:
sudo less /var/log/syslog.1
sudo less /var/log/kern.log.1
If you want the session before that, then use:
sudo zless /var/log/syslog.2.gz
sudo zless /var/log/kern.log.2.gz

If that doesn’t give you anything, then see if there is a systemd journal:
journalctl -o short-precise -k -b -1
(change to -2 if you have rebooted twice since the crash)

Post your log files, if you need help.

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Thanks amosbatto, the log result is so long, do i nees to post it all ?

Since I have no idea what is the problem, you should post all of it.

I will post it, but there’s some clue about this problem, after laptop shutdowned (happened again just 5 min ago) . When i turn it on, the charging indicator turned on to red like if i plugged the charger, and turned off in second followed by device shutdown,

This is kernel log.

Anyone please help me

I had this problem with my Librem 15v3. After many weeks of reading logs, I understood that the problem was in the battery. In my case, though the charge was above 50%, the device was suddenly switching off almost every time, without anything reasonable in the logs.

The problem is that the battery charge shown is most probably totally wrong. I have no idea how to adjust it. After the laptop switched off, I started it again, but did not boot any OS, stayed in BIOS. After just a few minutes it switched off again and did not start anymore. So it must be the battery. I suggest you to try this too.

I don’t see anything in your log to indicate a problem. The fact that it happens in both Windows and Ubuntu indicates to me that this is likely a hardware problem, and those can be difficult to diagnose. I recommend that you contact Purism support.

If it’s the battery then it’s not worth at all :frowning: . I just used this laptop for 3/4 months right after purchase

I’ve been having the same issue with my Librem 15 v4. If it is the battery, what can be done? Purism Support, do you have any thing to add here?

Same here with L15v3 on Qubes OS.

I suggest you contact Purism support.

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