Librem 15 version 5?

Hi everyone hope you are all well.

I love Purism, love what they are trying to do, I think it’s awesome.

Is there going to be a Librem 15 version 5?

I don’t want to invest in a 4 if a better version will be on the way?

Secondly, any system76 owners around?

I hear good things about their kit, all opinions welcome?

Thanks in advance

Stay safe.


Why not use the Search function to review all existing discussion in this forum comparing and contrasting System76 and Purism?

Summary: The two companies are trying to achieve different things, and so there are some differences in their products.

Whether this is the right forum to research System76 computers is another question …

I suggest contacting Purism officially.

There will always be a better version on the way, every product, every company - well, until there isn’t. :wink: