Librem 15 WiFi Card Weak Connection

I have the Librem 15, I like it a lot. I’m using the network card that came with it However, my WiFi card has been weak from the start and seems to be getting weaker. I cannot connect to most WiFi networks, even when my phone can, and the ones I can connect to have very low performance compared to my phone.

Any advice on what to do? Should I replace the network card?

Another clue?

lshw shows 15 Ethernet interfaces, most beginning with br- and ending with a bunch of hex. They all say driver=bridge, so maybe these are virtual interfaces.

ip address show says they are all in the down state, so seems unlikely that this could explain the issue.

Seems like it mostly had problems connecting to 2.4GHz

In general, Wifi performance is probably the most frequent complaint with the Librem laptops, but I think there are not many other cards available that function without proprietary drivers.

Some people install the proprietary drivers for that card, others buy and install a new card entirely. Maybe at some level it is also a function of positioning within the aluminum chassis of the laptops.

Huh…I’d rather have open hardware than high performance, but sometimes it’s just not workable. Maybe I could make a raspi repeater with higher performance closed source cards and put it right next to my Librem. Would take a little bit of work, but might be worth it.

I don’t remember my Librem having these issues when I got it tho.