Librem 15rev3 and available memory slots

First off, I’m very pleased to have received my Librem 15 rev 3 laptop yesterday after some hiccups along the way. Having seen all the revisions I can say that the build quality has improved and is now excellent with lots of thought and care in the design. A little manual was also included! Great! Like previous versions, I like that there isn’t any extra stuff packed with the laptop and that the Purism logo is on the bottom of the case. Besides some missing screws on the bottom, I was a little surprised to find that there is only one memory slot when the rev2 had two! Somehow I managed to figured out that it was now DDR4 but not that the number of slots available was now only one- or is there a slot somewhere else?

Besides that it looks very snazzy and performs very well. I know the team has worked tirelessly and has been through a lot and deserve a break and lots and lots of thanks. Thank you Purism team!

TL;DR- Great product that was worth the wait! Only one slot available for DDR4 memory instead of two.Can there be a note on the product page (maybe parentheses)?

EDIT: I see a forum post about 32GB possibility where one slot being available is mentioned.


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Thanks! (althoguh I had nothing to do with that).And yes, I confirm there is only one slot, there isn’t another one hidden somewhere. I think it was just not possible to do 2 slots, as it added too much complexity, and (I think) it would have required more layers on the PCB, which would have added a significant cost, and they realized very few people needed 32GB, so it was not worth the cost compared to how many would actually need the second slot.

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Perhaps someone could provide a picture of the motherboard on the 15 rev 3 ? All this time I’v been looking at pictures with 2 memory slots while thinking it was a rev 3 when it was really a rev 2.

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