Librem 15v3 a month later (Focus on PureOS)

I have been using Librem 15v3 with PureOS for nearly a month now, I am really glad I chose the laptop. The device is quick, responsive and screen is excellent.

As I discussed in an earlier blog post, the build , the screen , physical feel of the device is fantastic and feels premium.

Today I would like to showcase PureOS running with Budgie desktop environment. I would recommend Budgie as the default,for future revisions of Pure OS

Screenshots, PureOS Budgie

Why I like Budgie in general/Why PureOS(for laptops only) should adapt Budgie

  1. The developers of Budgie , want it as a dekstop oriented environment only (No focus on mobile)
  2. Works great with adapta, sleek and very modern looking GUI.
  3. I find it light weight/ simpler compared to Gnome or KDE.
  4. I introduced it to my friends who are not keen users of Gnome or Linux , they find it simple and elegant too.

Thoughts on PureOS in general

  1. Being a debian based distro package support for software development is great.
  2. But it inherits Debian’s flaws , especially Firefox being ESR version. I would love PureOS to support more recent firefox by default, I did work around it. But for many other end users this might not be good enough
  3. The OS needs some more unique flavoring in terms of user interface.
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I completely agree with you. Budgie not only looks and feels more elegant, but gives PureOS a different look and feel than most others, while also making it more user friendly (subjective you could say, but when I show non-Linux users Budgie they prefer it to GNOME and KDE every single time).
I’ve used Solus (creators of Budgie) as my distro of choice for awhile now and really like it, seeing the benefits of PureOS merged with Budgie is ideal to me.

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Hi @vrakesh,

I must agree that Budgee looks really neat and elegant! That said, I think it is very unlikely that PureOS will ship it by default. Purism’s team is working on porting GNOME shell on mobile, and wants to provide a continuum-like feature called convergence.

There is much to bet that they will keep working on GNOME for both the laptop and mobile environment, to get a homogenous experience (i.e. when a Librem 5 is plugged to a monitor, it displays the same desktop as a “laptop-ish” PureOS would).

Thanks for sharing!