Librem 15v3 black screen


Heya, since yesterday quite often when booting or resuming from hibernation the screen of my librem 15 is staying black - no purism logo from coreboot, however, sometimes, once progressing past initramfs the screen does come up (Running Archlinux), but not always.

Is this a known problem? Should/could updating coreboot fix it? If so, how would you do so? Thank you for help!


Yes, please try with coreboot update, follow instructions from


Unfortunately that didn’t do the trick - quite often when booting the screen is still black throughout bios and initramfs (making password input hard)


Since you are running Arch Linux: did you perform system update recently?


I have similar or same issue.
Setup: Librem 15v4 with 4k display, running PureOS amber with defaults: Gnome and Wayland.
Started showing up after I reduced resolution from 3840 x 2160 to 1920 x 1080 for my user sessions. But that may be bogus, as at about the same time an OS update was also done. Unfortunately, I can’t pinpoint the exact time when it happened for the first time.

  • Various boot stages are invisible (black screen + backlight on).
  • system comes up with 4k resolution and presents a login screen. But often this is also black.
  • After logging in the graphics mode is changed to 1920x1080, and this sometimes fixes the issue.
  • Changing consoles after login (effectively switching modes between 4k and 1920x1080) results in black screen or fixes black screen, randomly.
  • Locking up gnome session with super-l key combo switches screen of (backlight goes off also), bringing screen back with spacebar fixes the issue, but again, not always.
  • Upgrade from coreboot 9 (as shipped) to the latest version did not fix the issue.
  • OS is kept up to date (did last update yesterday), and the issue persist.
  • First time I noticed it was after boot. I kept computer running for few hours, then pressed a reset button (the one at the bottom, operated with a pin through a chassis) hoping that warm boot would have the issue fixed, but it did not make any difference afterwards.

It seems that graphic mode changes are not done correctly. Don’t know how to even start debugging this. Is it bios, graphics card, kernel driver, wayland or gnome issue?


Sorry for the late reply, been very busy lately!

Yes, there were arch updates briefly before that happened (xorg even), however that shouldn’t have changed that coreboot is able/unable to turn on the screen.

It appears that the problem happens mostly after quick reboots, if the laptop is turned off for like a day or so the screen often comes on AFTER initramfs (so still no coreboot).

There is no obvious damage to the hardware when opening it up.


Alright, the issue persists with PureOS, so it doesn’t seem to be an Archlinux-related problem.

I tried un-and-replugging the display from the motherboard and the screen seems to come on for now! (that is, two boots). As the issue was rather random only time can tell if it actually is fixed, though. I’ll keep this thread updated.


Unfortunately the issue does not seem to be fixed: Yesterday when resuming from sleep the screen was suddenly flashing, after a reboot it doesn’t come on at all anymore, also within bios.