Librem 15v3, can I output sound through HDMI

I have a simple use case - I’d like to hook up my TV to the Librem 15v3 with an HDMI cable and watch movies on the TV from the notebook.

It outputs video fine - the picture displays on the TV - but the sound comes out from the notebook’s speaker.

Is the 15v3 HDMI port capable of transmitting audio? So that the sound would come out of the TV…

If yes, how can I set it up?

If not, does the latest version, is it 15v4 - have this capability?

Yes, just set up sound output in the sound settings

all Librem v2/v3/v4 laptops support HDMI audio output :slight_smile:

@ShiroiKuma hello ! after you made the correct changes it should look like this on Gnome 3.32 desktop environment in ANY GNU/Linux debian based distribution not just PureOS

you can also Left-Mouse-Click on “Test” to verify if it’s working

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Do you know where these settings are hidden in xfce4 or what should I run from the command line?

You can also use pavucontrol for these audio routing tasks…


Thanks. I’ve confirmed that when I plug in the HDMI cable I see “HDMI / DisplayPort (plugged in)” as a “Port” option on the “Output Devices” tab in pavucontrol. When it’s selected, sound does go through! :@)

Now, I’d predominantly like to use GuixSD as my OS on the Librem. Here however, when I plug in the HDMI cable I don’t see the “HDMI / DisplayPort (plugged in)” as a “Port” option on the “Output Devices” tab in pavucontrol. I only see the default “Speakers” and “Headphones (unplugged)” options — the same as under PureOS when no HDMI cable is plugged in. I do however get the video through, but not the audio. It stays on the PC speaker.

Would anyone have an idea on what’s causing, what I could set up in GuixSD to get the HDMI cable as an output option — so I could get the sound to the TV?