Librem 15v3 cuts out at 46% battery

Hi, I appear to have a strange issue I’m not able to track down any further nor find references to in these forums. It seems the hardware cuts out completely when the battery level is at 46%, it can usually be powered-on once more for a few seconds before it is completely dead and won’t respond to any key press.

At this point connecting it back to power it works fine again, the battery level is still detected as before at 46% and now charges seemingly normally.

It seems to me that it behaves like the battery is totally exhausted when it reaches this 46% threshold. But it’s quiet likely not totally exhausted and actually at the 46% presented. When the laptop was new (end Nov 2017) it was behaving normaly and gave about 6-7h of battery life while now it only gives ~3h till it reaches this 46% level and dies with no warning whatsoever.

Any clues to what could be the cause here and how to fix this?


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Please contact support.

For anyone finding this. After contacting support they swiftly followed up saying they thought one of the battery’s cell did die. This seems like a very reasonable explanation. A replacement battery was sent which I fitted and everything was well again.


Contacting support, as I am having a similar issue with my 15v4.