Librem 15v4 battery life realistic time

I am still getting used to the new librem 15v4. I have it less than a week.
What I noticed is that the battery when fully loaded does not go in 6-9 hours range.
When fully loaded the estimated time is around 5 h.
I also experienced that suddenly my librem 15 died when the battery was low.

Are those battery expectations showed on page realistic?
Or the page needs a little update?

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Do you know how vendors measure battery life? :smile:
Screen set to minimum brightness, no keyboard backlight, no disk I/O operations, and largely
a terminal screen open.

That way you will get the advertised hours and it won’t technically be a lie.
Apple, Lenovo and everyone does the same, it’s just marketing 101.

The real usage time of any 15’ laptop is around 4-5 hours (browsing on wifi, with sounds etc)

I hope want to break out from this kind of practices :).
That’s why I asked the question.

I always take the advertised value and cut it in half. Seems to always hit the expectations and my usage.

It is hard to give good numbers, someone will always complain :slight_smile:
It also depends on the peripherals attached and included (amount of RAM, storage option(s) etc.). If your storage is SATA based I highly recommend to enable SATA link power management e.g. through powertop, which can save up to 1.5W!



@wmlynarski also hardware calibrate your screen. DisplayCAL 3.8.1 - [Feature] Linux: Preliminary experimental Wayland support under GNOME 3 using colord

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@nicole.faerber with librem 15v4. I just experienced that having around 10% battery the laptop suddenly shuts down. Even though gnome shows that I still have at least 15 minutes to work.

I have now the PoPOS installed but I experienced the same issue when I had PureOs.
Do you have a way how to set it up that the laptop will not “die” like that?