Librem 15v4 keyboard backlight has stopped

My 15v4’s keyboard backlight stopped working. I don’t think it’s a software problem, but if anyone knows how I could test that let me know. It doesn’t respond to Fn+F10, and both Fn and F10 keys are confirmed working. It flickered on and off a bit towards the end of its life.

I’m hoping it’s a loose cable, so my plan is to take the machine apart and make sure all the cables are seated properly in the hope that that fixes the problem.

Any experience with this or other tips?

Flickering is usually a sign of a loose connection. Sometimes its because the connector is broken. You’ll just have to open it up and see how that cable’s doing.

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Had the same issue with my 15v4. I ended up opening the machine to find the connecting cable broken. I was advised I had to replace the whole bottom case for USD150 (early 2022) to fix this which I decided not to do (was afraid of damaging more delicate hardware when reassembling, living in Australia sending the laptop in was not an option either). So, I am living without keyboard backlight…

Thank you for the data point. I guess it’s time to pop it open and find out!

I’ll wait until I have a backup laptop to hand, though :slight_smile: