Librem 15v4 + PureOS frequent hangups

I have a new Librem 15v4 running PureOS, mostly stock. Gnome DE with Debian repos added for the purpose of installing Firefox. is the only other software installed that is not available in the PureOS repo.

I am experiencing frequent hangups/freezes in my Librem. I have had it for less than two days and it has locked up on me more than a dozen times, at the least. Activities include:

  • installing updates (apt update, apt full-upgrade)
  • idling with Firefox only running
  • idling with PureBrowser only running
  • installing
  • installing Debian into Boxes
  • idling with nothing running, lock up ~5 minutes following a boot from the previous lockup

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the reason for this that I can tell.

Does anyone have and ideas? Might a clean install of PureOS help?

Thanks all!

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I’d say yes, go for it. You might as well try the KDE ISO that Purism provides.

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Thanks! I will give it a shot and report back. That is perfect because I prefer KDE :smiley:

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If you have the chance to share some more data, that might help diagnose the problem. If the computer is “hanging up” or “freezing” perhaps there is diagnostic information printed in the logs, like the file /var/log/syslog. If you use the terminal you can try to see if dmesg tells you anything ($ sudo dmesg ).

I haven’t done any reinstall yet, so I can provide this. Would you like me to present that here, or email support?

Whatever is easiest for you. Pastebin is usually a good place because it can hold lots of text if your logs are long and because it disappears after a while. Lots of text here in the forums just clutters up disk space, but that’s still okay! :slight_smile:

Thanks very much!

The file was too large for Pastebin, so I dropped /va/log/syslog on Disroot:

To help, I got my machine on 3/20; it looks like there is some data in there from December, which is most interesting! But you can look past all that, unless something went wrong back then that is causing issues now.

Just for giggles, I tried switching to Plasma per ,including switching to sddm. I did not reinstall PureOS.

After following that, I rebooted and have been running on KDE all day. No hangups!

Seems the issue might be related to GNOME, or one of the GNOME apps.

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