Librem 15v4 - Unbootable with Pureboot 27.0/27.1

I just flashed the latest Pureboot firmware on my Librem 15v4 and ran into some serious issues. After the kexec command to boot into the OS (Debian Bullseye), Pureboot gets frozen and I have to force power off the laptop. It would get stuck on a screen with a blank cursor and as screen tearing (high-DPI external monitor connected if it matters). Once it was able to progress past this and boot the OS kernel but I wasn’t able to fully boot my OS because it got stuck in a loop since it was unable to attempt to decrypt my LUKS partition. Downgrading to version 24 resolved the issue. I will also test some version in between to see if those work.

I’m happy to provide information for a full bug report, if someone can tell me what information is needed.


EDIT: Pureboot 26 RC1 is the latest version that works for me. On both 27 and 27.1 it looks like I’m having some sort of segfault happening really early when the OS boots. This might just be something with Debian Bullseye, I was going to upgrade to Bookworm soon but am curious if anyone else on Bookworm experienced this? I am using LVM with in a LUKS partition for my OS.

Looks like it has to do with this commit? If I’m reading correctly this is supposed to handle both kinds of initrd, but for whatever reason that doesn’t seem to be working in my case.

Firmware blob jail (when enabled) now works with Debian 12

@jonathon.hall ?

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Thank you for the detailed report @4oo4 - could you check if blob jail is enabled in PureBoot?

To do that:

  • Boot to PureBoot and enter the recovery shell
  • Enter this command: bash -c ". /etc/functions; load_config_value CONFIG_USE_BLOB_JAIL"
  • You should see either y or n which indicates the setting value
  • To reboot, just enter the command reboot

This should be n, but we found recently that the logic to automatically enable it could apply unintentionally if you had swapped in an Intel ax201 card on a device other than Mini v2 (it should check if the build actually supports blob jail). Normally this doesn’t have any effect since there are no blobs to inject anyway, but if there’s a bug in the firmware blob injection it could trigger due to this.

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I just checked and that command returned n, so I’m not using blob jail. I haven’t swapped in a new WiFi card but I did swap in a bigger M.2 SSD in it a while back, a Samsung EVO 970 1TB.


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Sorry for the delay @4oo4 but I’m pretty sure this has to do with the high-DPI external monitor. Had a report on Matrix of a similar issue on L14, and I can reproduce with Mini v2 plugged into my 4K TV, checking it out.


No worries, I also use a high-DPI external monitor with my L15 so that makes sense. While I was testing the 27.x firmware I think I tried disconnecting the monitor and still had the same issue, I will retest and see if that’s accurate.

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I just installed Pureboot 28 that and did not have the problem anymore, so I think this is fixed.


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I am certain this fix has everything to do with your report (and others), so thank you for sharing it with us.