Librem 15v5 USB C PD charging?

So this has been discussed before, but I don’t see any recent updates and with the Librem 15 likely due for an update this year, I thought I’d ask again (sorry).

Is there any chance the new Librem 13/15 laptops will support charging via USB C PD (Power Delivery)? As someone coming over from the Thinkpad world, being able to charge my phone and laptop using the same charger is pretty great, plus with two USB C ports on my laptop, I can actually charge my phone (at fast charging speeds) from the laptop’s second USB C port via USB PD. It’s incredibly convenient when traveling: I bring one charger and a couple of USB cables and bam – I am charging all my devices at once, at high speed, directly from my laptop.

So I’m wondering if there are any indications yet about whether USB Type-C Power Delivery is coming to the Librem laptop lines?


while the “V5” models aren’t finalized yet, USB-PD is something we’re hoping to be able to include – ultimately it comes down to NRE cost and production time. But obviously can’t promise anything before the design is finalized and we’re ready to announce


As usual: follow our news blog for announcements.