Librem "20" Desktop?

When will we get a desktop version? I am very close to buying the laptop but it’s too expensive to be honest. Also I am not a huge fan of laptops. I like desktops.

I saw the System76 desktop and it has a gorgeous design! But still it’s too expensive when adding similar components to match my current PC. It gets too high in price when compairing it to what I got my computer for. I got mine for ~850-900 USD (i7 ,1070, 8GB, 250 SSD + 1 TB HDD).

I also don’t want to jump the gun, so i’ll wait for the Librem Desktop first. If it ever gets released.

I would love to hear from an Admin on this topic, do you have any plans for one? Will it be priced similar to what I got mine for?

on the desktop side you can do better right now

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Make? Model? From?

There’s a fair range in “i7” and in “250 SSD” too.

I don’t speak for Purism or System76 or any other company but niche suppliers are nearly always going to be beaten on price as compared to a high-volume chain (that cares not for your freedom or your privacy).

buy a desktop computer with this price from this company right away. I have already bought the phone and I don’t need a laptop because I use linux at home and I use 27 'screens.