Librem 5 2FA Authenticator App

Will the Librem 5 ship with a 2FA authy app like Google Authenticator? Alternatively, are there any other Purism supported solutions for 2FA on websites/services that only support OTP and not FIDO U2F?

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It’s not in the core set of apps. There is an app called Authenticator that is designed for use on the phone. It is being developed by a developer in the GNOME community.

A list of apps under development by various people can be found on the List of Apps in Development wiki page.


Is there a command-line way of doing what a 2FA authenticator app does?

There are various command-line TOTP tools (note: I have not used any so cannot vouch for them):

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Regarding Command Line Tool pass-otp Stores the otp secret gpg encrypted.
So it can be used with the Smartcard Reader of the librem5.

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@vmedea @Cc281080 That’s great! Assuming one of those command-line tools work, one approach could be to simply stick with that and make a simple GUI for it in a similar way as the flashlight app that was shown here:

For normal usage when you just want to get a code to login, all it needs to do is to show the generated code. So that’s a very simple GUI, that should be enough for basic usage. Then you just need to do something at the command-line once to set it up, after that you can use the “app” each time you want to get a new OTP code to login.

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I already started with such a GUI:
But I haven’t used it a lot yet.

Double clicking in an entry copies the password / or OTP Code into the clipboard for a few seconds.
You can also add new passwords directly in the GUI. Just use slashes to put them in folders.

You need to set Up GPG and pass first in the shell.

I started to use it with pass-tomb. But currently I need to start it from the shell to be able to enter the sudo Password. (Something which needs to be fixed)

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