Librem 5 anbox: is it a snap? Does this mean snaps can be installed on L5?

Good news anbox is working on the limbrem 5.

Question: is it implemented as a snap?
Does this mean snapd now is a standard part of the L5 and other snap apps can be installed on L5?

Following a question by DaveDarr that seems to be unanswered:

I guess you mean PureOS, because several distributions can be installed on the L5.

PureOS relies on Flatpak out of the box, not snap as it’s Cannocal’s packaging system.

PureOS is what I meant, correct

According to the Anbox FAQ, they only package it as a snap. So either purism enabled snaps in their PureOS, or they repackaged it. I am curious what happened here, because if snapd is part of PureOS, it is easy to run snappy apps. I know that did not have preference earlier, did something change?

Why is Anbox only distributed as a snap?

Anbox is currently only distributed as a snap as snaps makes the life for us developers pretty easy. They allow us fast and easy packaging, easy distribution to our users, as well as regular and fast updates. Flatpaks would be another alternative but we didn’t investigate this yet, nor are we planing to do so in the near future. However, we’re happy to accept contributions from the community around Anbox to provide necessary changes to distribute Anbox as a flatpak package too.

One thing which Anbox currently doesn’t do is using proper confinement for snaps. Right now it is only usable when installed in the so-called devmode of snaps which disables any confinement. This is something we will work on over the coming months with upstream to allow our snap to be fully confined.

Despite snap confinement being disabled, the Android system still stays separate through the use of from the host system.

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I don’t know if there is a AMD64 snapd package, but if so, it’s easy to install it with apt.

The anbox team distributes it with as a snap but there is a lot of other packaging made by others, for many GNU/Linux distrib.

OK, lot’s of things can be done, welcome to linux.

Question is: what did purism do?

  • How did they implement anbox?
  • Is snapd now standard part of PureOS?

While snaps can most likely be installed in the Librem 5, they are not our focus.

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@david.hamner ?

They use Debian Buster repo :

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OK, many thanks

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That was just for a proof-of-concept, actual deb packaging is here:

And here’s a tool for building AOSP images:


Now we just need a way to degoogle aosp like dns and other calling home feature

Precisely, as PureOS is Debian desktop at its core, you can install snaps (snapd) just like you could install anything else on Debian.

This is one of the Librem 5’s greatest strengths. It isn’t like a desktop in your pocket, it IS a desktop in your pocket.

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