Librem 5 and Australia


That is great! news. Now I’m getting excited. A Librem might get into my hands yet!


Apologies for the speculation! I’ve updated my post to direct readers to the response from the support technician.


I say thank you to have raise the question! Let’s hope they succeed with the T1 variant, for all us poor bastards down under!


Adding a “Here’s Hoping” for T1 for AUS/NZ, fingers crossed…



I wonder how hard it is for Pure to give an idea of whether or not this option will be offered? Others would know more about production requires etc, or maybe they have to buy 1000 of them or something.

Given the approach to communication that I’ve seen I won’t hold my breath. But it would be nice to know, because at this stage it appears that the phone won’t be very compatible with regional Australia.


You should contact Purism directly and ask them. How to properly send emails to Purism

(Most of the participants in this forum are not employees of Purism, do not speak on behalf of Purism, and as far as Purism-specific information goes have access only to the information that they have been able to pick up over time, which information they can direct you to.)

If you have not already ordered then I recommend that you do not order unless and until there is a clear statement regarding ordering for Australia.

I’m fairly sure that resolving that question is on the “to do” list for the Librem 5 but then I’m fairly sure that there are lots of other things on that list. :slight_smile:


I’ve already asked a while ago, and they told me that they were evaluating the T1 variant, to add to the offer. I believe it’s pointless to keep asking, I hope that when they’ll come up with the shipment emails, they will disclose this information as well. Otherwise I can’t see how I can be aware if the phone will works in my country or not…


If this is a new order then interest and potential demand can be used to justify spending the time on it.


Mmm yeah, I suppose you’re right!


Sure. An email at this point of proceedings isn’t out of line I reckon. I’ll do just and report back of course.

Logical suggestion of course. Thanks.


Email sent. Let’s see what comes back. I hope it’s positive news.


I just looked online and it said Australia networks are GSM so the librem 5 will work there.


@Brad i can reply here the same i replied to the email you sent.

"At this moment all i can confirm is that we are working on that. But
sadly i cannot provide an ETA at this point.

But in the moment we have confirmation that we can support/provide the T1 that
information will be added."


Thank you so much for your reply Joao.

Its great to know that it is in hand and is a live inquiry on your part.

Hopefully we get news soon :slight_smile:


I’m a bit late to the thread but I too am interested in the Librem 5 and being an aussie, and like the OP I use Telstra’s infrastructure.

@joao.azevedo a friendly suggestion if I may - depending on how many orders you have/will fulfil with the (hopeful possible) usage of the T1 variant you might want to reach out to retailers in Australia to resell the Librem 5 T1. ~$1000AUD these days is the going standard price for a new mobile phone.


+2 for Australia here - coverage is important though…I spend time in remote regions. All my oil&gas brethern will probably buy them too if I can show one working!


Yeah I know what the coverage is like is rural aussie. Telstra (NextG) is the only real coverage unfortunatley. Which means the need for the Librem 5 T1 otherwise it will be just as useful as tits on a bull.


Apparently something have changed… I just got an answer from Purism support saying that they don’t have plan to offering the T1 variant of the modem. Just to let you know




Thank you for that. Well, I have to cancel my order and that is hugely disappointing and annoying. Pure monitor these forums and know that this issue has been thrown up by, admittedly only a handful of us, but with us here waiting for an answer. Their guy posted the probability was high so the decent thing to do would have been to follow that up.

In my mind I’ve been pretty understanding of the pressures they are under with regard to questionable comms, but this is appalling.