Librem 5 and KDE Plasma mobile


As some people here want to use plasma mobile on their librem5 it is sad, the purism has not be at the KDE Akademy in Milan, where Members of the KDE/Plasma Mobil team have been.


A small team needs to focus on a set number of things, less they become overwhelmed. Just focusing on GNOME is a gigantic task.

However, there is nothing preventing the Plasma Mobile team from working to get it functional on the Librem 5 either when it comes out or via the developer kit.


The Plasma developers we are talking to asked if we were attending Akademy this year, but we’re in a crunch period right now.

A bit of planning way in advance might have made it possible, though there was always the chance that people would have to cancel their trips at the last minute since we knew that we would be busy during Q3. :frowning_face:

Thanks for the reminder about Akademy, anyway! I must try to see if there are videos of the talks online. :smile:


hier, since you appear to be related to the KDE/Plasma Mobil team, i’d love to read about:

  1. how has the work for the librem5 progressed so far from KDEs side?
  2. what is a good (specific) place to contribute to such work?



I can understand that. I think, some users will install Plasma Mobile and share theit expirience here. - I am not related to the Plasma Mobile team. I am a longtime Plasma/KDE user and use it on my librem13.


FWIW those questions, especially the second, might be best answered by asking in the Plasma Mobile Matrix room or IRC: