Librem 5 and Sxmo: no audio on calls

Hello everyone!
I’ve finally received my Librem 5 and I’ve installed postmarketOS on it.
I’m using Sxmo (Xorg/dwm) and I can’t hear anything when people call me,
nor people can hear me.

Audio works fine when playing music or recording audio, but it does not
work during phone calls.

I’ve tried postmarketOS with Phosh and, in that case, phone calls work.
It must be an issue of postmarketOS with Sxmo. Is there someone who uses
Sxmo on their Librem 5?

I’ve opened an issue [1] on postmarketOS repository on GitLab.

[1] Librem 5: no audio in nor out on calls (#2300) · Issues · postmarketOS / pmaports · GitLab


I don’t know a thing about Sxmo, do you have some sound parameters where you can check the audio inputs and outputs ?
Maybe there is something wrong happening on those parameters when the call takes over, can you check it during a test call ?

I’ve opened alsamixer while making a phone call and everything seemed
fine. Were you thinking about a specific test I could perform?

I was not thinking about any particular test to try, more about something like making sure the right input/output device is used, in Phosh it’s showing like this :

The right input/output device is used during phone calls.

Maybe it’s a PipeWire related issue?

oh ? ok pipewire is used by default in sxmo
Did you came across this Audio Routing documentation about it ? (I suppose you did but, we never know :wink: )

Yeah, I know about it. :wink:
I’ve checked the audio devices using the in call menu. Both the speaker
and the earpiece don’t work.