Librem 5 and Xfinity Mobile

Out of curiosity, has anyone explored getting the Librem 5 working under an Xfinity Mobile plan? I assume it can’t be done, but just thought I’d ask…

Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile uses Verizon’s network. TheLinuxGamer reported problems trying to use PagePlus on the Verizon network with the Librem 5. He wasn’t able to get calls and data on LTE to work, although it may be a configuration issue.

BTW, none of the modems for the Librem 5 support Verizon’s CDMA bands, but Verizon is deactivating CDMA, so that isn’t a problem.


I get so many bad impressions about Verizon, don’t understand why anyone is choosing that provider for mobile? May be I’m lucky to live in a developed country with at least two or three providers covering the whole country. So I’m free to chose the best/cheapest. Also, due to strong competition, none is restricting the type of phone you use (not even ask if you take a “sim only” subscription).

Verizon is considered to have the best geographical coverage of the 4 major cellular networks in the US (now it is only 3 with T-Mobile acquiring Sprint). Verizon charges more than the others, but many people say that its service is better.

Verizon is generally the worst network in terms of selling locked phones that can’t be used on other networks and not allowing the unlocking of the bootloader or rooting the phone. However, AT&T is a close second. T-Mobile is generally better than Verizon and AT&T in terms of respecting users’ right to control their own phone, but that isn’t saying much.

Yep. I still have a AT&T Samsung Note 4 that I can’t unlock. If I was in the states I would be with T-mobile for the reasons you said.

I chose Verizon because of a news article I read about easily acquiring someone’s current location from contractors for a few hundred bucks. The stipulation the reporters were given from whomever they contacted was that they couldn’t get the location of a Verizon customer. I’ll try to find the (albeit year-old or so) article later if anyone’s interested.