Librem 5 - as laptop replacement?


Dear community ,

as many others I am really interested in buying a Librem 5. I’ve been a Linux administrator for the last 20 years and was looking for a phone like this for a long time especially after I read that Threema will be accessible from the phone.

As I saw there is a usb c connector at the phone that can be used to attach a (mobile) screen. It would be nice to know if I can use the phone as a replacement for my tablet /laptop.
I usually use my laptop to maintain my servers or do office work - nothing really special.

What do you think about the idea ?


Are you aware of the planned convergence feature (search “convergence”) and the monitor bundle?
It’s a bit early to say how well it will work, but if mouse+keyboard+shell could already satisfy you, it’s not unlikely you’ll get what you want.


Mouse, keyboard and shell is about 70% of what I need :slight_smile: something like Libre Office and maybe a nextcloud client would be awesome and oc Threema (that’s actually a must have).

I saw the bundle, but I was hoping that I could connect any monitor capable of usb-c to the phone … am I wrong ?


sure why not. that bundle is just an integrated usb hub inside the monitor but you could connect any monitor to the librem 5 if you find adapters or a dedicated docking-station/usb-c hub.


I would assume standard desktop software not to be a problem.
Monitor in theory also not, given compatibility.

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I am not planning on fully replacing my laptop with the Librem 5, but I can definitely see myself using it as an extra one. I’m very interested in owning a phone that can double as a desktop/laptop :slight_smile:

In addition to doing normal phone things (text, email etc) I can imagine running Manuskript on it (I like to write stories), as well as doing some Python programming.


If you are planning to use the Librem 5 as regular office machine, you can have a look at this kickstarter project.

I already supported this project and hope it will work like a charm.

I hope that will also develop a tablet sized screen with battery and additional connectors where I can push in the Librem5, and use it as a tabled.
Additionally with an BT keyboard, mouse and so on, it will be a high value addition to my regular Laptop.


I like the kickstarter! Looks awesome ! … I guess I will buy a phone :slight_smile: thx community !


At one time I had a Lumia 950 which was almost usable as a laptop replacement so I’m cautiously optimistic that this will be even better. I used it to connect to VDI/RDS formost heavy lifting and actually worked that way in my office for several days without any major issues.

Yes I know MS is evil, but the convergence thing is something they were actually getting right until they killed the phones entirely.


The display output should work with most displays out there, but it will not work with all of them: there are multiple ways to transfer display data over USB. The USB-C port will use the DisplayPort alternate mode, and that’s what the display (or the hub) should support. Thankfully, it seems to be the most popular one by far.