Librem 5 AT commands

When searching I found a thread referencing AT commands which seem to suggest the user would have low level access to the radio via these commands. The conversation took the direction of having fun, and “hard mode” to make calls, etc. so I could not be sure.

I have a need to issue commands like IMSI masking, band changing, band stacking, and most importantly band aggregation (assuming the tower supports it). Can the Librem 5 support users crafting custom AT commands? Also do we know what the max LTE speed for the LTE module will be?

With LTE speeds, I take it you mean modem data transfer speeds? Thales PLS8 has dl max 100 and up 50 Mbps, Broadmobi BM818 is 150/50Mbps. Comparisons of features and links here.

As for AT commands for modems, while searching for the modem info, I came across this showing some commands. As for using them, I haven’t had the chance to as a certain package has not been sent yet.

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Outstanding info thank you! I am assuming that since the module is removable we have the option to selectively upgrade or swap between the two? Thanks again for the links!

That is definitely the intention. Just be careful disconnecting and reconnecting the antenna(e) when doing so.

(really access to the cellular modem)

Bear in mind that if you are using the phone as a phone then other software may issue commands to the modem at unpredictable times. So if you want to play around sending lots of strange custom AT commands, you may have to disable other software from doing so before doing that.

If the custom commands only need to be sent once after power on then the best approach may be that the standard software supports additional user-configurable initialization strings.

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