Librem 5 Batch FAQ


@eagle as far as I am aware, they haven’t released specs for v2 beyond saying it will have a newer processor. It’s possible there will be other changes. Well it may be unlikely but I’m hoping for NFC and Infrared. :wink:

@Quarnero I think it may be a while before there is any more talk of v2. It’s possible they will have a pre-order page or maybe they’ll just announce it and add it to the shop when it’s ready like the laptop revisions.

I don’t think it will necessarily be more than $699. The v4 laptops were upgraded without increasing the price. It’s just that I assume they have already made a lot of large payments and production agreements for the first phone and many people paid $599 and $649. So if a lot of those people now want to move their order to the v2 phone they will have over invested in the v1 parts and production. A smaller run of the v1 would probably also increase the cost of the phone, compounding the problem.

Having said all that, if anyone is really keen on waiting for v2 there is no harm emailing them to ask.


@zero nicole faerber wrote it in this forum, they are in touch with nxp that will release a shrinked version of this soc and that’s what will be in the v2