Librem 5: Battery charge stopped working (broke PowerDelivery?)

Hi, since yesterday my L5 phone does not want to draw power from the usb-c charger when it’s on.

  1. Phone on, plug the charge cable: nothing happens
  2. Power off the phone, plug the cable: red turns on. I can get a full charge after a lot of time
  3. Power off the phone, plug the cable, turn it on: the red remains on, but the battery icon does not show the charging symbol. The phone discharges “slowly”.

Any idea on what to do? I’ll try contacting support, but maybe somebody else had the same problem.

Thanks! Nicolò

In the end I decided to open it up, when unplugging the main board I had to remove only the leftmost flat connector, when re-mounting it I realized the flat connectors are two. Now it seems to be working :slight_smile: I guess the phone got hit or something and the connector unplugged. Can somebody with more knowledge about the schematics tell me if this is something plausible?

I also noticed yesterday that tps6598x-source-psy-0-0-003f/uevent reported POWER_SUPPLY_TYPE=USB but no POWER_SUPPLY_USB_TYPE, while now it shows (SDP DCP CDP C [PD])


My L5 does essentially the same.

If it’s already on and I plug it in, it doesn’t start charging. I wait a while, look again, and it’s still not charging.

I turn it off, plug it in, and the red LED eventually lights up, but not immediately. It takes a few minutes to come on.

That hasn’t always been the case. I think it started sometime over the past year.

Charging to full from about 40% takes a few hours. This is normal behavior for the L5.

I have not observed this happening.

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Only had it happen once or twice when power draw or temp was really high…

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