Librem 5 battery is always at 0%

Hi all,

days ago the phone started shutting down immediately after I disconnect it from the charger. Today in the battery settings I noticed that is all at 0%, please check the image below:

What is going on? Am I doing something wrong?

The battery is expired(bad) maybe.

What do you mean by “expired”? I got the phone three weeks ago.

“Expired” mean a dead battery. Do you have an Evergreen? Are you charging your Evergreen with the original charger all time?

Oh no, this is bad. How can a battery just die like this? They usually degrade with time. During the first 2 weeks of use the battery was lasting 8 to 9 hours, which from what I read online is normal.

Yes I have an Evergreen. So far I only used the original charger, I do not even have any other charger with a USB C port.

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More likely you’ve hit a charging bug. Try these instructions.


Thank you looks like it worked. Step 7 did not happen, i.e. the light did not went constant red, it just switched off.

Now the battery indicator is showing 100% and not going down. Maybe now I have the inverse problem? :slight_smile:


you’ve cracked the problem of infinite energy :open_mouth: