Librem 5 battery life expectation?


I am very excited at the prospect of being able to run a standard Linux distro on my phone. Thank you very much, Purism, for pursuing your Librem 5 project. You’ve even chosen my favorite distro, Debian, as your base for PureOS. :grinning:

I’m currently deciding whether to plunk down the full $600 for a completed Librem 5, or to support your project at a lower level such as the dev board. One factor in my decision is expected battery life of the phone. Assuming the phone will use an i.MX6, I went looking for power use figures. Awhile back Sparkfun ran some tests of an i.MX6-based SBC. They measured about 1.4W idle power draw. Assuming a battery capacity of 3000 mAh (as Samsung Galaxy S8) this would give 8h15m battery life. I’m not familiar with the state of Linux power management for the i.MX6. Can you please share your expectation of standby (screen & WiFi off, cellular active) battery life for the Librem 5, based on your research?

Thank you very much,


Yes please, give battery life a priority! As I am using cell phones a lot for the internet, email, messaging, etc I don’t want to be charging every 3 hours. So far I have been using Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime (no power hungry AMOLED) for its battery life and I like it a lot.